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Former Recology Exec Agrees To Plead Guilty, Cooperate In SF City Hall Corruption Probe – CBS San Francisco (

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08/03/2021 SF Ethics Commission Fines Mayor London Breed Nearly $23,000 For Violations Including Gift From Nuru

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Child/human sex trafficking, rape, torture and worse

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New Charges, Plea Deals in SF City Hall Corruption Investigation — FBI

California Election fraud

Evidence of Fraud – 2020 Election

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11/27/2020 No need for vaccines, Covid effectively over: Ex-Pfizer VP

Know your rights during Planned-demic times

01/25/2021 CA lifts virus stay-at-home order and curfew but NOT San Francisco

One World Order removing freedoms, controlling lives

Freedom to worship during unconstitutional shut down

Recycling plant owner sentenced in San Francisco corruption scandal

New Charges, Plea Deals in San Francisco City Hall Corruption Investigation

2020 November Voter Fraud

02/11/2021 Nineteen South Bay Residents Charged In Alleged Scheme To Funnel Drugs Into U.S And Firearms To Mexico | USAO-NDCA | Department of Justice

Election Fraud

Ongoing U.S. Presidential Executive Orders

FBI Update Press Releases

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Overdose Deaths Far Outpace COVID-19 Deaths in San Francisco Dec. 19, 2020

Wake up San Francisco! Don’t let the politicians destroy San Francisco!

  1. Have you ever asked who are the homeless people in San Francisco?
  2. Have you ever asked who is making money from the homeless business?
  3. Have you ever wondered who operates the 992 non-profit agencies in SF? Why?
  4. Do you know it cost $3,900 to $17,000 per homeless person a month in San Francisco?
  5. Have you paid attention to San Francisco mono-party Election Fraud? 
  6. Have you paid attention to which politicians support crimes? 
  7. Have you paid attention to the politicians who support defunding the police?

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