Revival San Francisco is a general political committee, non-profit and non-tax deductible.

We believe in the United States Constitutional Rights. We believe the politicians are paid public servants. We, the people are the owners for our city, therefore, all 18 elected officials for SF should work for the best interests of the people. Our mayor, all eleven Board of Supervisors and six other elected officials should work together to create a safe and healthy city for each resident. At the end of the day, we are the people that pay our elected officials to execute our desires. Read here, the truth about America history and it’s human rights for the entire world, United States Constitution: the 1776 Report, The President Advisory 1776 Commission, January 2021

We promote people who believe in God, appreciate the American values and value we are one nation under God. We are living in a Godly land, the land of the free with liberty for all. We believe that freedom is a free gift from God. We believe each life matters to God. Open government SF

We welcome anyone who loves traditional family values and America values. We stand firm with people who love God, love life, love family and love America. We follow the United States Constitution. We, the people are the greatest resource for a healthy and safe society.

We strive to unite America patriots, conservatives and salad bowl immigrants. We oppose abortions. We oppose illegal drugs and illegal needles paid by tax payers. We oppose big government that traps people in welfare and dependence on a politician’s corrupted agenda. We stand up for victims of human and sex trafficking. We stand up for law enforcement. We stand up for law and order. We stand up for hardworking businesses, workers and families.

Enough is enough! Are you tired of seeing what we are seeing in San Francisco today? Want to join this revolution team? We are looking for people with common sense and survival skills to take part in Revival San Francisco. If you love God, life, family, America and want to see positive changes in San Francisco, please email Ellen Lee Zhou at  Ellen@RevivalSF.com or contact 415-920-3963. Together, we will heal the homeless, save the victims of human/sex/drug trafficking and restore law and ethics. Please pray for Revival San Francisco. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Save San Francisco from election fraud or ballot harvesting, vote in person or deliver your ballot to San Francisco City Hall election drop-in center. Report election fraud to info@revivalsf.com. Thank you. Click here to see evidence of November 2020 election fraud

Want to join our revolution team or volunteer? Email info@revivalsf.com or call 415-920-3963.

Ellen Lee Zhou, Behavioral Health Clinician for San Francisco Public Health, Member of California Civil Grand Jury /San Francisco Chapter, San Francisco Mayoral Candidate for June 2018 and November 2019. Please keep on praying for Revival San Francisco. Your prayers will revive San Francisco back to God. Have faith and hold the line for God. May God bless you and may God bless San Francisco. Thank you.

Paid for by Revival San Francisco FPPC #1432188 Financial Disclosures are available at sfethics.org

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